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Your Guide to Procurement Data

Here at FedSpend, we want you to succeed in your federal spending research. Understanding federal spending data is key. We're here to help you navigate the data to uncover the market insights you need to advance your business.

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About You

Illustration of front view of a pair of binoculars representing you looking for procurement spending insights.

Contract Spending Oversight

Follow the spending to ensure compliance

You're part of a federal agency's contracting office. You're looking for:

  • Metrics on contract spending for compliance reporting
  • Contract award data to monitor distribution requirements
  • Data-collecting efficiency with report-ready charts and spreadsheet data

You're responsible for your agency's reporting on contract awards and spending. You have a colossal amount of data to sift through to uncover the information you need to report.

And reports aren't one-and-done. They're a constant and recurring task. Accurate, efficient, and streamlined research is critical to keeping the job manageable.

Business Development

Follow the spending to learn the market

You know being an informed business has a higher chance of achieving success. You're looking for:

  • Insights on agencies to market your services to
  • Companies to build partnerships with
  • Directions to grow your business in

Stepping out to research federal spending data you find:

There is a lot of data related to government spending.

So much so, that combing through the available data becomes a daunting task. You have a business to run with limited resources. You need to get to the information that will help your business move forward. And you need the shortest, most direct path available.

About FedSpend

Putting the lessons we learned into practice

We get it. We've been there, too.

As a small business ourselves, we know what it's like to navigate the wild river of government spending without a guide. We put our business intelligence and analytics know-how to work. Our goal was to get the most out of available spending data while reducing the time it took to get to the data we needed.

We felt our solution could help other businesses like ours. Businesses like yours. That's why we built FedSpend.

FedSpend provides a robust data intelligence platform that is useful and affordable.

Our "Follow the Spending" app shows the flow of spending from government agency to contract vendor. Simplify your reporting by filtering results by fiscal year, NAICS code, and Set Aside label.

Download your results, which include links to data details online. Go ahead and give it a spin. We'll be here when you get back.

Or take a deep-dive into the data instead. Our Explore Now analytics tool, built on the LogicVU platform, puts the data to work for you. Robust dashboard and reporting tools give you control over the data. Research spending trends, monitor award activity, and track and identify business opportunities. Be presentation ready with downloaded charts and reports. Interested to learn more about how to put FedSpend to work for you? Drop us a line and let's set up a demo.

Illustration of compass with needle pointing a few degrees from north representing FedSpend as a guide showing the way to procurement data insights.

About the Data

Macbook with Sankey diagram showing 2019 spending data.

Data Sources

U.S. law requires federal spending data be made available to the American public.

The American public can view details on trillions of dollars worth of government spending. Two main services provide the data to the public. The Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG) is the system of record for spending data. USASpending.gov provides the data through downloads and APIs. The Small Business Administration's (SBA) Contracting Guide lists several others.

FedSpend currently aggregates data from USASpending.gov and FPDS-NG. We use our business intelligence experience to map this data terrain. FedSpend's data tools help guide you through the dense data to your research target.

Exploring and analyzing data through FedSpend, your business could identify:

  1. Marketplace trends, anomalies, competition, partnering opportunities, and agencies to target for contracting opportunities
  2. Links to contracts data on USASpending.gov, FPDS-NG and SBA sites--all within the tool
  3. Contracts expiring within a defined time frame, found in minutes to help build opportunities pipelines

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